Social Media Know-How: Conversions

Is Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Converting Like a Pro for Your SMB?
Hey, savvy business owner! Let’s put your social media marketing strategy to the test and see if it’s truly optimized for conversions. Answer these 7 questions to find out if your strategy is on point or if it needs a little love and attention.
What’s the primary goal of your social media marketing strategy?
  1. Building brand awareness
  2. Driving website traffic
  3. Generating leads and conversions
  4. Engaging with customers


How often do you analyze and adjust your social media posting schedule?
  1. Never
  2. Occasionally
  3. Monthly
  4. Weekly
Which social media platforms are you focusing on?
  1. Facebook and Instagram
  2. LinkedIn and Twitter
  3. Pinterest and TikTok
  4. A mix of all platforms


Do you use calls-to-action (CTAs) in your social media content?
  1. Rarely or never
  2. Sometimes
  3. Most of the time
  4. Always


How often do you share content that directly promotes your products or services?
  1. Rarely or never
  2. Occasionally
  3. Frequently
  4. All the time


How do you measure the success of your social media marketing efforts?
  1. Vanity metrics (likes, followers, comments)
  2. Website traffic
  3. Leads and conversions
  4. A combination of all metrics


Do you have a system in place for nurturing leads from social media?
  1. No
  2. Yes, but it’s not very effective
  3. Yes, and it’s somewhat effective
  4. Yes, and it’s highly effective
Score your results: For each question, give yourself:

1 point for answer A

2 points for answer B

3 points for answer C

4 points for answer D

Total your points and check your results below:

7-14 points: Social media newbie

Your social media strategy could use some sprucing up to boost conversions. It’s time to set clear goals, refine your posting schedule, and focus on nurturing those leads.

15-22 points: Growing, but not quite there 

You’re on the right track, but there’s room for improvement. Take a closer look at your content, CTAs, and lead nurturing strategies to level up your social media marketing game.

23-28 points: Almost a pro, keep going! 

You’re doing a great job, but there’s always room to grow. Keep refining your strategy, testing new ideas, and tracking those all-important metrics to maximize conversions.

29-32 points: Social media marketing rockstar!

Congratulations! Your social media strategy is firing on all cylinders and driving those sweet, sweet conversions. Keep up the fantastic work and never stop optimizing.

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